Addressing Taboo Topics in your Speech with Humor

Speech Jokes for Controversial Topics

Since it is Good Friday and Earth Day today, it seemed like today would be a good time to talk about how to approach sensitive issues with humor in your speech. For the record I’m not saying Good Friday or Earth Day are taboo, but they are tied to two subjects that people tend to have strong opinions about: religion, and climate change. Unless you are giving a speech directly addressing one of those subjects you probably don’t want to say anything too controversial. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a joke about a highly debated topic.

Why make a joke in your speech about a controversial topic?

In the case of Earth Day or Good Friday, everyone knows that today is “their day”, making a joke about it makes your speech look topical. Also, as mentioned before most people have strong feelings about those issues, and if done properly you can get the audience’s attention without alienating those in attendance.

How do you create a public-speaking joke about something controversial without being controversial?

This is the tough part. First, don’t take a stance in your joke. You are better off alluding to the issue then giving your particular thoughts on the issue. Second, use some perspective, think about how that joke would make you feel from all the possible perspectives, if your instinct tells you a certain part of the crowd will be offended stay away from it. But if you truly believe your public speaking humor is clean and safe, go ahead and use it. And finally, make sure your speech joke is funny! People are a lot more receptive when they are laughing.

Here are a few sample, non-controversial speech jokes, on controversial subjects.

Climate Change (Earth Day Joke)- With today being Earth Day I am going to try to be more respectful of our planet’s climate. Therefore, as a change from my usual protocol, during this speech I will not be burning tires on stage tonight.

Religion (Good Friday Joke)- As most of you are probably aware of, today is good Friday. If (insert favorite sports team) wins tonight, I’ll have to upgrade it to “Great Friday”!

Politics (2012 Presidential Election Joke)- People are already talking about the 2012 presidential election, I have to be honest I’m not all that up to date on my politics, but from what I read in the old newspapers in my garage, I don’t think this Michael Dukakis guy has a chance.

Economics (Stock Market Joke)- A lot of people have been talking about the volatility in the market lately, I might not be an economist, but I will tell you my plan of investing in McDonald’s Monopoly game has been paying off… I’ve already won four free Egg McMuffins…. Retirement here I come!

These jokes are meant for anyone to use, please feel free to use them in your speech as you see fit. If you do use them, you are encouraged to change the wording to make the jokes feel comfortable to you. If you would like some jokes created specifically for your speech, you can order them here.

There you have it, four jokes on four (sometimes) touchy subjects. The jokes work for general audiences because they are clean, mention the issue without saying what is right or wrong, and leave little room for interpretation that you are taking a wider stance.

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How to Add Humor to a Story in your Speech

Punching up your Story with Humor

Many people enjoy telling stories in their speeches. Using stories in a speech is a great tool to connect with your audience. Sharing something personal with a group of strangers can help break down that wall between you and the crowd. And if you are giving a retirement speech or a best man speech, a story is almost required.

Your story may not be inherently funny, but you can “punch-up” most stories pretty easily. Let’s take a look at a sample story by a guy we are going to call “Steve” about the first time he met his friend “John”:

“I met John on the first day of college. We were sitting next to each other in the back of a lecture hall for Economics 101. As the class started, I looked at John, we were the only two students who weren’t able to follow what was going on. It was at that moment I realized the class we were sitting in was Advanced Chinese 395, we were in the wrong class! I told John this and we hurried to the exit. We found the right room and made it in just in time for roll call… John and I have been best friends ever since.”

This is a good story, especially if Steve was giving a best man speech, or retirement speech about John. It’s relatable and it mentions their connection, while also having some entertainment value. But it could be a lot more. There are plenty of ways to turn a good story into a great story for your speech.

We are going to do three things and turn this into a hilarious and engaging speech:

Add Emotions This is a personal story, Steve and John probably shared some of the same emotions, the audiences can connect with this.

Make the Story Colorful When giving a speech where you are telling a story, you are painting a picture with words. It doesn’t have to be black and white, turn your pencil sketch, into a vibrant water color.

Add Suspense Every good movie or book has an element of suspense. Making something suspenseful doesn’t mean it has to be a life or death situation. It simply gives shape to your story and lets the audience know something is going to happen. Three words: Beginning. Middle. End.

“I met John on the first day of college. We were sitting next to each other in the back of a lecture hall for Economics 101. We were both nervous, but excited to be starting a new chapter in our lives. As the class started, I immediately felt over-whelmed; I couldn’t follow anything the teacher was saying it was as if the class was in a different language. Every other student appeared to be fully engaged, taking notes, asking questions and following along. I turned to John, and he also looked horrified we were the only two students who weren’t able to follow what was going on. He whispered to me “I don’t think I’m going to make it through four years of this.It was at that moment I looked up at the chalk board and in the corner in small letters it read, “Advanced Chinese 395”, we were in the wrong class! I tapped John on the shoulder and pointed panicked at the board. Like ninjas moving in unison we grabbed our books and bolted for the exits. Fortunately, we found the right room and slipped in just in time for roll call… Even though neither one of us ever scored better then a C+ on an economics test that semester, from that point on, John and I became best friends.

Steve’s story was a lot more exciting the second time around. There weren’t any jokes specifically added, but there was emotion, colorful storytelling, and suspense. Not only was the story more entertaining, but the humorous moments were amplified. It’s amazing how little tweaks can turn a mundane story into something that will have everyone focused and having a great time. We did this without exaggerating, lying, or changing the premise of the story. We simply took the story and found ways to accentuate the plot.

Next time you have a story in your speech give it a try. If you would like us to help you punch-up your next speech story, order any joke package, and instead of standard one line jokes, you will receive punch ups.

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How Jokes Can Save Your Speech

Using Jokes in your Speech to Save you from Awkward Situations

If you’ve ever spoken in front of a crowd, you probably noticed there were some “X-Factors” you couldn’t control. When large groups of people get together, unexpected things happen. Even when the best public-speakers (well-prepared, knowledgeable, confident, and hard-working people) give speeches they might run into a few snags from time to time.  You can’t control everything, but humor can help defuse a situation and get the speech back on track. And having a joke or two up your sleeve just in case it happens will unify the room and make you look like you are in control of your audience. In the stand-up comedy world we call them “savers”, a good comic will have a joke for any scenario that might arise, and there is no reason you can’t have a few savers for your speech as well!

Here are five “savers” for some common scenarios you might run into while giving a speech. (Remember these are general jokes meant for anyone to use or personalize in a way they see fit. If you want jokes personally tailored to your public speaking style, check out the orders page.)

1) Running Late

I’m sorry for my lateness, before I left my home this morning I was practicing my speech in front of my dog, I refused to leave until he gave me a standing ovation… it took a while.

2) A group of people are talking during your speech

This speech is so good; those guys in the back are talking about it already!

3) You lost your place in your speech

I’m sorry, I usually never lose track of where I am… I’m just not used to talking in front of such a good looking group of people!

Flattery can get you out of almost any situation!

4) Your Cell Phone Goes Off Mid-Speech

I will answer all calls from the media after the speech!

5) The room is unusually hot.

It’s pretty hot in here and we are all probably going sweat a few pounds off. You are getting a very special two for one today… My speech will not only be educational but a great way to lose weight!

If you like what you’ve read, or would like a few savers created just for you please feel free to browse our site, ask a few questions, or place an order here.

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Five Jokes about the Weather to Open Your Speech With

5 Great Weather Jokes

Springtime is the season of unpredictable weather, one day it might be snowing and the next day it could be 75 degrees and sunny. It’s also the season of speeches, you may have to speak at a graduation or a wedding and starting with a little joke about the weather is an easy way to get your audience’s attention. Jokes about the weather are great for public speaking for a few reasons:

A) They are relatable. Unless you are speaking to a group of agoraphobics most people you’ll be addressing have been outside that day.

B) Weather jokes can easily be integrated into your speech. There is no need for a long set-up or to provide your audience with a bunch of details before delivering your joke, everyone knows if it’s been raining or sunny outside.

C) It is hard to offend people with a joke about the weather. Unless you mention global warming or natural disasters (two topics you should stay away from joking about unless you are absolutely sure your audience will find them humorous) it is very hard to hurt anyone’s feelings by talking about how windy it’s been all week.

Here are five easy weather jokes to try opening your next speech with…

1. Unpredictable Weather Joke. At breakfast I had hot cocoa, at lunch I had a frozen lemonade, if today’s weather continues to change like this, at dinner I’m having an iced coffee served extra hot.

2. Rainy Weather Joke. This rain is brutal, it’s not just raining cats and dogs, it’s raining tigers and hyenas.

3. Unseasonably Warm Weather Joke. Who knew it was going to be this warm? I almost drowned when I went ice fishing this morning.

4. Unexpected Snow Joke.  I was not prepared for this snow, cut-off jeans and flip-flops were poor choices for snow shoveling attire.

5.  Windy Joke. How do you like this new hairstyle? All it took was driving here with my windows down. This Mother Nature is a great stylist… and cheap too!

That last joke is great for women with long hair or men with no hair who enjoy irony.

As with all jokes created by JOKESforSPEECHES, you are encouraged to change the wording of the joke so it sounds natural to you. Give one of them a try, and let us know how it worked out for you!

If you would like us to create personalized jokes specifically tailored for your speech please feel free to browse our site, ask any questions you have, or place an order.

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Why Use Public Speaking Jokes?

The importance of jokes in public speaking

If you are speaking to an audience, no matter if it is your first time or if you are a veteran on the public speaking scene, you’ve probably wondered about adding humor to your speech. If you browse the internet for public speaking jokes, you may have noticed there are many different viewpoints on this topic. Some people swear by adding jokes to a speech, others advise against it. Those on the opposing side of jokes in speeches like to point out that a bad joke can take the air out of the speech, and distract your audience from the message you are trying to get across. While this is true to a certain extent, these people are over-looking a very important part of public speaking humor.

A funny joke or story in a speech will win a crowd over quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to be George Carlin to deliver a good joke in your presentation; you just have to know what you are looking for.

Questions to ask yourself before creating public speaking jokes

What am I trying to accomplish with my speech joke? If you are looking for a simple ice-breaker or just a general joke to get the crowd’s attention this can be easy. Find a common ground, (that day’s weather, the bad traffic getting to the speech, or the bizarre odor in the room that makes you wonder who is wearing the sulfur scented perfume) and make a joke about it. You are just looking to get the audience interested, and go from there.

If you are trying to get a point across using humor the process is slightly more complicated. Your goal isn’t just to make them laugh but to learn something. And that leads to the second question…

Why is this joke the best way to accomplish my goal? Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well then a good joke can be worth ten-thousand words. It is an easy way to say a lot, with only a little work. People want to laugh, it’s enjoyable, and jokes will stick in the mind of the audience. So, if you can find a way to cut the fat and get to the point you are trying to make with a meaty joke, why not use it?

How should I deliver my public speaking joke? Deliver your joke in the style that works for you. If you’ve ever seen stand-up comedy, you have probably noticed the best comedians are the ones who are most like themselves off the stage. Even if you are just going to only tell one or two jokes, they should be delivered in a style that is comfortable to you.

But how do I know that I am prepared to deliver this joke? If you are reading this, you probably are usually a well-prepared person, if not you wouldn’t be looking into adding humor to your speech. In preparing for your speech, prepare your jokes the same way. If you practice delivering your speech in the mirror, also practice delivering your jokes in the mirror. Find the way to word the joke so it sounds like something you’d say, the more practice you have the better it will be.

What if my speech joke fails? The good thing about giving a speech is most of the time you are not expected to be funny. If you’ve practiced your speech jokes enough, even in the off-chance you don’t get a laugh, the audience will think your joke is just another piece of information. Most of the time you will at least get a friendly laugh from the audience, but even if you don’t it will most likely be seen as another point. You can’t lose with a quality speech joke!

Why public speaking jokes are so important

If you have asked yourself these questions, it has probably become pretty obvious by now. You are not only adding humor to your speech, you are adding another tool to your public-speaking repertoire. The same way you may use visuals or props, you are using jokes. You will connect to your audience like never before, and find yourself to be a more effective speaker then you ever imagined.

If you would like help with this, we are here for you. Feel free to browse our site, ask any question you have, or place an order for speech jokes.

Thanks for reading,