How a guacamole joke saved the day

How Jokes for Speeches began started as an experiment. Make an offer to add humor to speeches for a small fee and see if there was an actual demand for jokes for public speakers. I had been doing stand-up comedy and writing humor articles, but I still didn’t feel that I was reaching a large enough audience.

So, I put a small advertisement up on a fledgling website and waited. After about a week of mastering Minesweeper and compulsively checking my email, I was contacted by a college student in a speech class, who was just out of the military and hoping to show his peers his lighter side during a presentation on making guacamole.

I have to admit I was as nervous about making sure my jokes were funny as he was about making sure he removed the pit out of his avocado properly. He sent me a copy of his speech and I sat down and opened up a word document. From his writing I was able to get an idea of his style, and I tried my hardest to give his speech the pop he wanted. I hit send and waited… Later that night, I received an email from him thanking me, and telling me that this was exactly what he was looking for. Like most people in the comedy industry, my cynical side thought, “This must have been a fluke”.

The birth of a speech joke writer

Over the next few weeks I received a handful of requests for jokes for speeches. I did my best to diligently fulfill them; and then I started to realize a trend. While the content of the speeches varied from speaker to speaker, the people ordering them had very similar qualities. Almost every person who ordered jokes for their speeches were hard-working and well prepared people who simply didn’t know how to incorporate humor into their speaking. While being prepared is a quality I’ve been working hard to improve over the years (I guess I shouldn’t have dropped out of the Cub Scouts), incorporating humor into speeches had always come easy to me.

My clients and I complimented each other perfectly. As the months went on, my modest reputation as a personal joke writer increased. The amount of orders seemed to double each week, and I noticed the same people kept coming back. (I also enjoyed the added perk of learning information from their speeches; feel free to quiz me about anything having to do with museum demographics!) The return customers were happy about the way a few jokes could help the audience better understand their message, and I was just happy to be helping people laugh.

The start of

Eventually, I started to outgrow the website; the requests were becoming too frequent and I simply didn’t have a way to customize the experience for my clients in a manner that would allow me to give them the biggest bang for their buck. I sat down with a web-building team, and in a matter of weeks was born.  While the address may have changed, the idea has stayed the same since I first started this experiment; give speakers the humor they need to improve their speeches.

So please feel free to browse our site, ask any question you have, or place an order. Just like the first presentation I ever wrote jokes for, I’ll be here with an open word document, waiting to help you give the best speech you can!

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