What kind of experience do you have?

JOKESforSPEECHES is run by a comedian and comedy writer, who has written jokes for countless amounts of speeches on subjects ranging from “making guacamole” to “demographics of museum visitors”. Check out the testimonials on the right for a sampling of  reviews of past work.

Why do you offer lists of jokes, I only need one or two?

While all jokes created by JOKESforSPEECHES are funny and up to a professional standard, we understand that everyone has a different style and sense of humor, therefore we offer a minimum of five jokes per order. Before every monologue, Jay Leno is presented with a list of over 100 jokes to choose the 10 or so he likes best; you can think about our list of jokes in the same way.

What if I need more than 15 jokes, or give a lot of speeches, are there any other options?

Yes, JOKESforSPEECHES does offer larger joke packages. Please contact us for more options. If you do lots of public speaking and see yourself needing jokes on a regular basis, we offer a subscription plan. Subscriptions allow speakers to get massive amounts of jokes per month, with faster turnaround and consultation on how to best utilize humor in your speech.

For information about larger joke packages and subscriptions you can reach us at: contact@jokesforspeeches.com

What if I need jokes QUICK?

Most joke orders will arrive within three business days of ordering, if not quicker. To guarantee same day or next day turnaround, select the “express delivery” when filling out your questionnaire.

Are there any speeches you don’t write jokes for?

JOKESforSPEECHES will not write jokes for stand-up comedy acts or for certain performance pieces. Also, JOKESforSPEECHES will not work on jokes for hate speeches or speeches meant to incite violence, and reserves the right to refuse business for any reason.

I need jokes… but not for speeches, can you help?

Depending on what you are looking for JOKESforSPEECHES may be able to help. For more information, please send an email to: contact@jokesforspeeches.com