Five Jokes about the Weather to Open Your Speech With

5 Great Weather Jokes

Springtime is the season of unpredictable weather, one day it might be snowing and the next day it could be 75 degrees and sunny. It’s also the season of speeches, you may have to speak at a graduation or a wedding and starting with a little joke about the weather is an easy way to get your audience’s attention. Jokes about the weather are great for public speaking for a few reasons:

A) They are relatable. Unless you are speaking to a group of agoraphobics most people you’ll be addressing have been outside that day.

B) Weather jokes can easily be integrated into your speech. There is no need for a long set-up or to provide your audience with a bunch of details before delivering your joke, everyone knows if it’s been raining or sunny outside.

C) It is hard to offend people with a joke about the weather. Unless you mention global warming or natural disasters (two topics you should stay away from joking about unless you are absolutely sure your audience will find them humorous) it is very hard to hurt anyone’s feelings by talking about how windy it’s been all week.

Here are five easy weather jokes to try opening your next speech with…

1. Unpredictable Weather Joke. At breakfast I had hot cocoa, at lunch I had a frozen lemonade, if today’s weather continues to change like this, at dinner I’m having an iced coffee served extra hot.

2. Rainy Weather Joke. This rain is brutal, it’s not just raining cats and dogs, it’s raining tigers and hyenas.

3. Unseasonably Warm Weather Joke. Who knew it was going to be this warm? I almost drowned when I went ice fishing this morning.

4. Unexpected Snow Joke.  I was not prepared for this snow, cut-off jeans and flip-flops were poor choices for snow shoveling attire.

5.  Windy Joke. How do you like this new hairstyle? All it took was driving here with my windows down. This Mother Nature is a great stylist… and cheap too!

That last joke is great for women with long hair or men with no hair who enjoy irony.

As with all jokes created by JOKESforSPEECHES, you are encouraged to change the wording of the joke so it sounds natural to you. Give one of them a try, and let us know how it worked out for you!

If you would like us to create personalized jokes specifically tailored for your speech please feel free to browse our site, ask any questions you have, or place an order.

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