How Jokes Can Save Your Speech

Using Jokes in your Speech to Save you from Awkward Situations

If you’ve ever spoken in front of a crowd, you probably noticed there were some “X-Factors” you couldn’t control. When large groups of people get together, unexpected things happen. Even when the best public-speakers (well-prepared, knowledgeable, confident, and hard-working people) give speeches they might run into a few snags from time to time.  You can’t control everything, but humor can help defuse a situation and get the speech back on track. And having a joke or two up your sleeve just in case it happens will unify the room and make you look like you are in control of your audience. In the stand-up comedy world we call them “savers”, a good comic will have a joke for any scenario that might arise, and there is no reason you can’t have a few savers for your speech as well!

Here are five “savers” for some common scenarios you might run into while giving a speech. (Remember these are general jokes meant for anyone to use or personalize in a way they see fit. If you want jokes personally tailored to your public speaking style, check out the orders page.)

1) Running Late

I’m sorry for my lateness, before I left my home this morning I was practicing my speech in front of my dog, I refused to leave until he gave me a standing ovation… it took a while.

2) A group of people are talking during your speech

This speech is so good; those guys in the back are talking about it already!

3) You lost your place in your speech

I’m sorry, I usually never lose track of where I am… I’m just not used to talking in front of such a good looking group of people!

Flattery can get you out of almost any situation!

4) Your Cell Phone Goes Off Mid-Speech

I will answer all calls from the media after the speech!

5) The room is unusually hot.

It’s pretty hot in here and we are all probably going sweat a few pounds off. You are getting a very special two for one today… My speech will not only be educational but a great way to lose weight!

If you like what you’ve read, or would like a few savers created just for you please feel free to browse our site, ask a few questions, or place an order here.

I’d love to help you save the day!


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